• New contribution to NeurIPS: Learning with slow neurons is not a problem anymore!
  • LEnews
    "Latent Equilibrium: A unified learning theory for arbitrarily fast computation with arbitrarily slow neurons".
    See Publications

  • New contribution to eLife: Evolving to Learn!
  • CRS2021 - Champalimaud Research Symposium - Oct. 15 - Info
  • Talk by Walter Senn "Least action principle and error-based learning in the brain".

  • ACAIN 2021 - 1st International Advanced Course & Symposium on Artificial Intelligence & Neuroscience - Oct. 5-8 - Info
  • Four oral presentations:
    - Jakob Jordan "Learning Bayes-optimal dendritic opinion pooling".
    - Katharina Wilmes "Learning to predict in uncertainty".
    - Julian Göltz and Laura Kriener "Fast and energy-efficient neuromorphic deep learning with first-spike times".
    - Henrik Mettler "Evolving to Learn: Automating the search for interpretable, biologically plausible synaptic plasticity rules".
    - Agnes Korcsak-Gorzo "Cortical oscillations support sampling-based computations in spiking neural network".

  • Bernstein Conference - Sep. 22 - Info
  • New contribution to Nature Machine Intelligence!
  • 2nd PhD and Postdoc Retreat of the Department of Physiology - Sep. 10 - Info
  • Congrats to Henrik and Jakob for winning two of the Idorsia prizes for academic excellence for best presentations, respectively, for best Long talk - Early PhDs and Popular Vote!


  • New Preprint! Learning across three different global brain states.
  • NDarXivFigbig
    "Memory semantization through perturbed and adversarial dreaming".
    See Publications

  • New lab member (August)
  • GECCO 2021 - The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
    July 12 - Info
  • Henrik Mettler presented the Poster "Evolving Neuronal Plasticity Rules using Cartesian Genetic Programming".

  • Read our Succes Story on using the Fenix Supercomputing Infrastructure!
  • fenix
    "HPC Simulations Support Fast and Energy Efficient Deep Neuromorphic Learning"
    See Article

  • CNS*2021 - Computational Neuroscience Meeting - July 4 - Info
  • New lab member (June)
  • Mushroom Body Meeting - June 2 - Info
  • Mila Neural-AI Reading Group - May 21 - Info
  • NeuroFrance 2021 - May 18-21 - Info
  • New lab member (May)
  • New Preprint! Single neurons perform bayes-optimal cue integration.
  • pool
    "Learning Bayes-optimal dendritic opinion pooling".
    See Publications

  • NEUROTECH Education Programme: day 6 - Apr. 13 - Info

    To answer this question, Laura Kriener presented her work on "Fast and deep: energy-efficient neuromorphic learning with first-spike times" -> Recording

  • New Article! How predictive plasticity encodes olfactory learning in fruit flies.
  • SR2021
    "Predictive olfactory learning in Drosophila". See Publications

  • New contribution to a Preprint! How cortical oscillations shape spike-based probabilistic inference in the brain.
  • norb2021
    "Cortical oscillations implement a backbone for sampling-based computation in spiking neural networks". See Publications

  • NICE 2021 - Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements - Mar. 16-19 - Info
  • Cosyne 2021 - Computational and Systems Neuroscience - Feb. 24 - Info
  • New lab member (February)
  • Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC) Workshop - Feb. -
  • Laura Kriener presented the talk "Lava Implementation of Biologically Plausible Deep Learning with Structured Neurons".

  • New contribution to a Preprint! E2L in an unsupervised network.
  • phaseplanecrop
    "Evolving Neuronal Plasticity Rules using Cartesian Genetic Programming". See Publications

  • New Article! A NEAT reduction of complex neuronal models accelerates brain research.
  • elife
    "Data-driven reduction of dendritic morphologies with preserved dendro-somatic responses". See Publications - Press Release

  • New lab member (January)