COSYNE Conference & Workshop - Mar 9-14 - Info


Katharina Wilmes presented "Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits" during the workshop session "Top-down interactions in the neocortex: Structure, function, plasticity and models."

Swiss Computational Neuroscience Retreat 2023 - Feb. 1-3 - Info


Katharina Wilmes presented
"Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits".


New Preprint: (PAL), a bio-plausible method to learn efficient feedback weights!


"Learning efficient backprojections across cortical hierarchies in real time".
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New Preprint! Dendritic modulation for implementing contextual adaptation.


"Dendritic modulation enables multitask representation learning in hierarchical sensory processing pathways".
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Manfred-Stärk-Symposium 2022 - Sep. 11-12


Special symposium on theoretical neuroscience and neuromorphic computation dedicated to our generous benefactor Manfred Stärk and his foundation.

Nacht der Forschung 2022 - Info
We were delighted to be among the 750 researchers from the University of Bern who presented their research to tens of thousands of people.


Visitors to our stand got an insight into learning in neural networks and neuromorphic engineering by experiencing the dynamics of real biological neurons using our in-house electronic neuron circuit. The public could also compete against an AI by playing the puzzle game Tic Tac Toe, also known as Noughts and Crosses.

CNS*2022 - Computational Neuroscience Meeting - July 16-20 - Info
Paul Haider
gave two presentations: one at the main conference and the other at the workshop "Bio-inspired active AI workshop:"

Sinergia Meeting at the Gurten (July 5)
The last meeting of the consortium funded by the SNSF Sinergia grant on
"Neural Processing of Distinct Prediction Errors."


We enjoyed working with the groups of Fritjof Helmchen, Giacomo Indiveri, and Simon Sprecher in such a fruitful collaboration!

Lab Retreat in the Swiss Alps - June 7-10


Four days of science, brain-storming, metaphysical debates, sports, cooking and other chocolate testing. It was a lot of FUN!!

New lab members (May)
Welcome to our new Research Assistant (Internship): Simon Brandt ,
PhD student: Lukas Huber and Master student: Luc Lerch
Brandt Huber Lerch

New article in eLife: how natural-gradient descent enable efficient synaptic plasticity!


"Natural-gradient learning for spiking neurons".
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From Cortical Microcircuits to Consciousness Symposium - Apr 11-13 - Info

  • Walter Senn, also the Scientific Chair of the symposium, presented the talk
    "Creative sleep, adversarial dreams, and the need of awareness."
  • Nicolas Deperrois presented the poster "Learning cortical representations through perturbed and adversarial dreaming."
  • Arno Granier presented the poster "The geometry of precision in predictive coding."


eLife Article: Learning across three different global brain states!


"Learning cortical representations through perturbed and adversarial dreaming".
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