The Department of Physiology is predominantly engaged in the education of students of human and dental medicine (bachelor, years 1 to 3). The department is responsible for the entire field of physiology, covering all lectures and practical courses. We are also involved in interdisciplinary small group teaching in the framework of the problem based learning program (PBL) and supervise medical and master theses.

Lecturers of our institute participate in the training of students in veterinary medicine and pharmacy (Grundkurs Physiologie, in German language). The same course is also offered in Basics in Physiology for the “Master in Biomedical Engineering” (BME) program.

Our institute coordinates the master program Biomedical Sciences (BMSc) , and our lecturers participate in the lectures and practical modules. We also contribute to the BeNeFri program and to the Lecture Series on Advanced Microscopy organized by the Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC) of the University of Bern.