EMBO Workshop Principles of dendritic function and computation - May 21-24 - Info


Ben von Hünerbein presented "Order from chaos: Interplay of development and learning in recurrent networks of structured neurons (Flash Poster Talk)

LAKE CONFERENCES: The Neurobiology of Mental Health - May 12-16 - Info


Katharina Wilmes presented "Uncertainty-weighted prediction errors (UPEs) in cortical microcircuits" (Poster)

New Preprint! An efficient gradient-based algorithm for training temporal variables, specifically transmission delays in SNNs alongside synaptic weights.


"DelGrad: Exact gradients in spiking networks for learning transmission delays and weights" -
See Publication

Capo Caccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop - April 28 - May 12 - Info
> Mihai A. Petrovici gave a lecture on "Why neurons spike: SNN applications"
> Julian Göltz co-presented "NeuroMorsick, interactive Morse decoding with DelGrad"
> Ismael Jaras led a detailed discussion group on "Fully local learning through space and time" and participated together with Maryeme Ouafoudi to the workgroup "Learning for Neuromorphic Hardware"
> Mihai and Ismael also encouraged the practice of adversarial training

As always, the science was great and it was a lot of fun!


New Preprint! Introducing Printed Circuit Board mimicking the basic dynamics of neurons


"Lu.i - A low-cost electronic neuron for education and outreach" - For more info, see the Lu.i page and the Publication

New Contribution to a multi-disciplinary review on the ethics of brain-inspired AI


"A method for the ethical analysis of brain-inspired AI" - See Publication

New Preprint! Generalized Latent Equilibrium (GLE) computational framework for fully local spatio-temporal credit assignment in physical, dynamical networks of neurons.


"Backpropagation through space, time, and the brain" - See Publication

New Preprint!


"Increased perceptual reliability reduces membrane potential variability in cortical neurons" - See Publication

New Preprint!


"Order from chaos: Interplay of development and learning in recurrent networks of structured neurons" - See Publication

CAIM Ethics Talks - Feb. 29 - Info
The CAIM Embedded Ethics Lab hosted its second series of Ethics Talks entitled "Transparency and Ethics in AI Development" to foster public dialogue into ethical challenges of AI applications in medicine.

CAIMethics ethicstalk

Mihai A. Petrovici
was invited to discuss "AI, autonomy, and mental health." -> Recording

Swiss Computational Neuroscience Retreat - Jan 31 - Feb. 2
Ismael Jaras
presented "Learning, forward and backward" and Arno Granier "Confidence estimation and second-order errors in cortical circuits".

EBRAINS 2.0 - New funded Project! - Start: 01.01.2024 / Runtime: 3 years
The EBRAINS 2.0 project was submitted in response to the INFRASERV call (a Horizon Europe's Research Infrastructures actions) and was awarded €38 million to further develop the EBRAINS research infrastructure services, a legacy of the Human Brain Project.


The project involves 59 partner institutions from 16 European countries and officially started in January 2024. As partners, our group together with CompNeuro were granted €1.1 million.


New Preprint! Path integration used by Bees for their navigation was implemented in the neuromorphic mixed-signal processor BrainScaleS-2


"Emulating insect brains for neuromorphic navigation" - See Publication

New Review in National Science Review!
The modular-integrative modelling approach shows promise in creating hybrid brain models that combine biological plausibility with functional performance.


"Modular-integrative modeling: a new framework for building brain models that blend biological realism and functional performance" - See Publication

10th Christmas Symposium & Party 2023 - Department of Physiology - Info


Ben von Hünerbein with "Jingles bells from Chaos" and
Arno Granier with "To believe or not to believe: uncertainty estimation in cortical circuits"
presented Christmas themed talks to keep up with the spirit of the symposium!

New lab member (December)


Welcome to our new PhD student Maryeme Ouafoudi!

Conclusion of the Human Brain Project (HBP)! - Nov. 21-24
Walter Senn (CompNeuro group) presented the work achieved together with the NeuroTMA group (M.A. Petrovici) during the last phase of the HBP (officially ended on Sep. 30). Thus successfully concluded with our partners the review of the HBP by the European Commission.


SYNCH - New funded Project! - Start: 1.11.2023 / Runtime: 4 years
The collaborative SYNCH project - Combining SYnthetic Biology & Neuromorphic Computing for Chemosensory perception - has been awarded funding from the Volkswagen Foundation as part of the NEXT - Neuromorphic Computing call.
The project partners are our postdoc Kevin Max , together with Jan Steinkühler (CAU Kiel, DE) and Federico Corradi (TU Eindhoven, NL).


SYNCH will co-design synthetic biological pathways, neuromorphic electronic circuits, and bio-constrained theories of olfactory sensing to create an accurate and efficient perception system for olfaction.
The aim is to realize real-time decoding of biological interactions generated by a range of small molecules through temporal spiking data for fast, distributed, and online chemo-sensing.

International Conference on Neuromorphic, Natural and Physical Computing - Oct. 25-27
- Info


- Mihai A. Petrovici chaired the Session 3 "Guides from nature: neuroscience, theoretical biology, complex systems"
- Walter Senn gave the keynote "A theoretical physics guide to neuroscience and cognition"
- Kevin Max gave the talk "Learning efficient backprojections cross cortical hierarchies in real time"
- Julian Göltz presented the poster "Gradient-based methods for spiking physical systems"

Human intelligence meets artificial intelligence workshop - Oct. 4-5 - Info


Mihai A. Petrovici was invited to present the talk "Computing with physics: Biological and bio-inspired intelligence"

Bernstein Conference 2023 - Sep. 26-29 - Info

New Contribution to a Preprint!


"Precision estimation and second-order prediction errors in cortical circuits" - See Publication

ICANN: Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning - Sep. 26-29 - Info

Einstein Center for Neurosciences - NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence Student-run speaker series "Spikes - bug or feature" - Sep. 21
Mihai A. Petrovici
was invited to present the lecture "Deep learning with spikes."

New lab member (September)


Welcome to Dr. Ismael Jaras, who is again joining the lab as a guest postdoc!

Jülich-Aachen Neuromorphic Computing Day - Aug.30 - Info

New Contribution to a Preprint: normative approach postulating that uncertainty-weighted prediction errors are represented by layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons!


"Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits"
- See Publication

Lab Retreat in Langnau im Emmental - July 5-7


This year we invited our friends from the Theoretical Neuroscience group and it was another three days of science, brain-storming, sports, cooking and other team building exercises. As always, it was a lot of FUN!!

Manfred-Stärk-Symposium 2023 - Weggis - July. 2-4


Special symposium on theoretical neuroscience and neuromorphic computation dedicated to our generous benefactor Manfred Stärk and his foundation.

Cortical Computation 60th Birthday Colloquium in Honor of Prof. Walter Senn - June 15

WSColloquiumflyer WSColloquium WSColloquiumprog

Mihai A. Petrovici presented "Physics-inspired approaches to computational neuroscience"

Research Seminar at the Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics - Bern - May 31
Mihai A. Petrovici
was invited to give the talk "Computing with physics: Biological and bio-inspired intelligence."

Mihai became an Editorial Board Member of the Journal Research Directions: Bioelectronics - Info
Mihai A. Petrovici
and Samit Chakrabarty wrote the following call:


"Is neuromorphic computing disruptive enough to 1) advance our understanding of the brain and 2) make the design and working of (bio)electronic devices efficient and scalable?" - See Publication

New Contribution to a Preprint: examine conceptual, technical, and ethical issues raised by the development and use of brain-inspired AI!


"A method for the ethical analysis of brain-inspired AI"
- See Publications

Capo Caccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop - April 30 - May 14 - Info
Mihai A. Petrovici
gave the talk "Energy-based approaches to neuronal dynamics and function" and Kevin Max "Latent Equilibrium and Phaseless Alignment Learning."

New contribution to a Preprint bringing together academia and industry members to define benchmarks for "brain-inspired" neuromorphic computing!


"NeuroBench: Advancing Neuromorphic Computing through Collaborative, Fair and Representative Benchmarking" - See Publication

Human Brain Project Summit 2023 - Mar. 28-31 - Info


Mihai A. Petrovici participated to the Session "The interplay of neuroscience and AI" and presented the talk: "Computing with physics: Learning from carbon and silicon".
Julian Göltz
participated to the Session "Brain-inspired Robotics And Computing" and presented the talk "Fast and energy-efficient neuromorphic deep learning with first-spike times"

The Human Brain Project Podcast - Info
Mihai A. Petrovici
talks about his research on intelligence, his experience of growing up in a family of physicists, and what he does for fun outside of work.

COSYNE Conference & Workshop - Mar. 9-14 - Info


Katharina Wilmes presented "Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits" during the workshop session "Top-down interactions in the neocortex: Structure, function, plasticity and models."

Swiss Computational Neuroscience Retreat 2023 - Feb. 1-3 - Info


Katharina Wilmes presented
"Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits".

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