Defense Gallery

  • andi

  • Weiimage5 Weiimage4

  • Hat features
  • Magnificent on-line handwritten digits inference Boltzmann machine with touch screen interface and supporting battery, designed by magnificent Oliver Breitwieser (left and bottom).
    Office sofa where Wei used to take his naps, piano, tee bags (top, middle, right).
  • Weiimage1c
  • Paper rolls with all the codes written during Wei's PhD, table tennis ball (green).
  • Weiimage3

  • fullbeard fullukulele

  • Sound emitting ukulele (tune-it-yourself) with random play mode

  • Hat features
  • Food and beverage sundial
    Branded mate-based lemonade crates
    Robust organ-inspired control interface with display
  • makrocoffeestop makromate keyboard
  • Braitenberg vehicle that lets the light be its guide
    Custom-made robot-resetting cord
    Space-themed card game references
    Work-related movie posters
    Leo's beard
    Rear-view camera, switchable to introspection mode
    Red emergency stop button