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How to Enter The BENEFRI Neuroscience Program

The first step towards entering the program is find a PhD student position in one of the research groups that are participating in the program. A candidate must hold a funded position as a Ph.D. student in order to be accepted into the program. There are no grants or scholarships provided by the program.

Since each faculty awards the PhD according to its own rules, application involves additional steps in Bern and Fribourg. The PhD students must be matriculated at the University of Bern or Fribourg as BENEFRI students in order to get the travel costs between Bern and Fribourg reimbursed. In Bern, the students must be accepted in the the Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB ) or in the Graduate School for Health Sciences (GHS ) before they can apply for the BENEFRI Neuroscience program.

Whom to contact?

For questions about the program and for applications contact one of the commission members . Applications include a personal card and a curriculum proposal.

Applications for Ph.D. positions must be sent to the research groups leaders.